Unirac为Palo Alto供应397.5 kW屋顶安装支架


新墨西哥州ALBUQUERQUE – 2014年4月24日 – Coil Power Systems Inc.选择了Unirac,Inc。,一家喜利得集团公…

新墨西哥州ALBUQUERQUE – 2014年4月24日 – Coil Power Systems Inc.选择了Unirac,Inc。,一家喜利得集团公司和北美高质量,具有竞争力的光伏安装解决方案的领先供应商,提供397.5 kW的屋顶安装( RM)安装系统最近安装在位于加利福尼亚州帕洛阿尔托的奥什曼家庭JCC(OFJCC)校园内。

该装置由THiNKnrg开发,是Palo Alto的第二大太阳能屋顶系统,包括在Taube Koret犹太人生活校园(TKCJL)的12栋建筑物上的1,840块太阳能电池板。太阳能电池组合将产生足够的能量,在未来20年内抵消约9,500吨二氧化碳;这相当于从道路上拆除了1,814辆乘用车。

“这些项目需要模块化解决方案,以适应12个屋顶的不同布局”,Cobalt Power Systems太阳能设计和销售总监Daniel Hill说。 “RM因其易于设计和安装在屋顶障碍物而被选中。事实证明,RM是一种直观的产品,具有较短的学习曲线,安装速度比预期的要快。“

ROOF MOUNT为有碴的平屋顶太阳能行业引入了简洁的力量。该系统仅包含两个主要组件,最大限度地减少了准备工作和安装时间。 RM允许安装人员围绕屋顶障碍物进行无缝设计,支持大多数框架模块,只需转动扳手即可粘合系统。

Cobalt从Unirac Elite合作伙伴Gexpro采购RM。 Unirac的合作伙伴已经区分了他们的客户支持,可用性和整体价值,从而为安装人员提供最高水平的服务。


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – April 24, 2014 – Unirac, Inc., a Hilti Group Company and the leading provider of high quality, competitive PV mounting solutions in North America, was selected by Cobalt Power Systems Inc. to provide a 397.5 kW Roof Mount (RM) mounting system recently installed at the Oshman Family JCC (OFJCC) campus, in Palo Alto, CA.

Unirac supply 397.5 kW Roof Mount (RM) in Palo Alto

The installation, developed by THiNKnrg, is Palo Alto’s second largest solar roof system, encompasses 1,840 solar panels on 12 buildings of the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life (TKCJL). Combined, the solar arrays will generate enough energy to offset approximately 9,500 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years; which is equivalent to removing 1,814 passenger cars from the road.

“These projects required a modular solution to accommodate the different layouts on the 12 roofs” said Daniel Hill, Director of Solar Design & Sales for Cobalt Power Systems. ”RM was selected for its ease of design and installation around roof obstacles. RM has proven to be an intuitive product with a short learning curve, yielding faster installation rates than expected.”

ROOF MOUNT introduces the Power of Simplicity to the ballasted, flat roof solar industry. The system consists of only two major components, minimizing preparation work and installation time. RM allows installers to seamlessly design around roof obstacles, support most framed modules and bond the system with just the turn of a wrench.

Cobalt procured RM from Gexpro, a Unirac Elite Partner. Unirac’s partners have distinguished their level of customer support, availability, and overall value, thereby providing the highest level of service to installers.


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