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本研究来源乔·布拉泽,MAXGEN能源服务公司的总裁,比较了业内著名的ATI公司的固定倾斜安装系统与阵列技术单轴太阳能跟踪系统。MAXGEN非常紧密的与ATI公司训练有素的服务团队合作。 随着公用大型光伏电站市场价格压力…


我们能够彻底而有效地步行跟踪模块,并检查了ATI系统的主要组成部分。保持了ATI保修的要求是最小的。这抵消了潜在的成本增加的面积是在模块洗涤收起模块处于最佳位置的能力。 MAXGEN试图保持和最大限度地提高我们的生产工厂,所以我们已经找到了,晚上通过远程控制从我们的异地运营中心洗我们的模块,或在清晨,当我们可以收起后生产时间的模块,从而尽量减少在当天的差距,当模块在一台少优化电力生产角度。这也使得更容易处理的阵列,因为它们是人类的高度,而不是高西北侧的固定倾斜货架系统。
如果我们把千瓦时生产为基准比较,20MWdc单轴跟踪系统和24MWdc固定倾斜系统 – 加州中部采用集中式逆变器和类似的接线技术 – 产生大约每年度生产相同数量。从运维的角度来看,20MWdc跟踪系统将具有约0.011美元每瓦/ DC($11K/ MWdc)每年的预防性维护计划的成本。在一个固定的倾斜24MWdc系统相同的预防性维护计划将大约0.0108美元每瓦/ DC($10.8k/ MWdc)每年。计算可以基于PPA率和其他外部成本因素以确定是否在固定倾斜的O&M计划的增加的金额是值得使用的跟踪器的降低整个系统的尺寸。
声明:本网站MAXGEN的评估长期运维方案,并能够向政府提供有关长远解决方案的意见。 MAXGEN也工作得非常紧密地与ATI的服务团队和训练有素与ATI的跟踪系统的工作。

MAXGEN能源服务有限责任公司是一家独立的第三方,电厂服务提供商电厂所有运行的生命阶段。 MAXGEN的独立性使得公司具有技术的广泛和整个太阳能价值链,如银行,EPC,业主,开发商和公共事业公司合作。其主要办公地点设在Concord,CA MAXGEN有售后服务技师与合作伙伴在全国范围内出现。欲了解更多信息,请访问maxgenservices.com。


This study Joe Brotherton, President of MaxGen Energy Services, compares a well-known fixed-tilt mounting system with a single-axis solar tracker system from Array Technologies (ATI). MaxGen works very closely with the ATI service team and is trained on working with ATI’s tracking system.
As price pressure continues to shape the utility-scale PV market, there is a growing focus on understanding and fine tuning the long-term costs of managing these plants through the life of the PPA. Operations and maintenance (O&M) is playing a growing role in the financial modeling of a prospective PV plant as real world data from aging PV plants returns from the field. As PV plants come out of warranty from the installer, an understanding of what needs repair, when and how to do it is just as important as what equipment was selected and how it was installed.
ATI-tracker-OMOne component that has been a focus of recent debate is the racking or tracking system and how it is maintained over time. As an independent O&M provider in the utility-scale PV market, MaxGen Energy Services (MaxGen) has been asked many times to evaluate the long term O&M costs on a fixed-tilt racking system versus a single-axis tracking system.
MaxGen currently has over 300 MW under its management. About 80%, or 240 MW total, consists of Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI) single-axis tracking system. The well-recorded benefit of solar tracker technology is an average 20% gain in production over a fixed-tilt system, depending on location and other factors. But many companies interested in tracking systems have a valid concern regarding long-term O&M costs.
What is the long term O&M cost for a tracker, and how does it compare to a comparable fixed system?” MaxGen has concluded that the O&M cost of an ATI tracking system is less than 2% more than a comparable fixed racking system.
Regardless of the site or mounting system, O&M services have to incorporate visual inspections of every component and every module in a given system. Here is how the ATI design has helped us streamline our inspection process:
We are able to walk a tracker block and inspect the major components of the ATI system thoroughly and efficiently. The requirements to maintain the ATI warranty are minimal. An area that offsets a potential cost increase is in the ability to stow modules in an optimal position during module washing. MaxGen tries to preserve and maximize the production of our plants, so we have found ways to wash our modules at night, or early in the morning, when we can stow the modules after production times, via remote control from our offsite operations center, thereby minimizing gaps in the day when the modules are in a flat and less optimized power production angle. This also allows for easier handling of the arrays as they are at human height, as opposed to high north-side fixed tilt racking systems.
If we take kWh production as the baseline comparison, a 20MWdc single-axis tracker system and a 24MWdc fixed-tilt system – in central California using central inverters and similar wiring techniques – produce about the same amount of annual kWh production. From the O&M perspective, the 20MWdc tracker system will have a preventive maintenance plan cost of about $0.011 per watt/dc ($11k/MWdc) per year. The same preventive maintenance plan on a fixed-tilt 24MWdc system would be about $0.0108 per watt/dc ($10.8k/MWdc) per year. Calculations can be made based on the PPA rates and other outside cost factors to determine if the increased dollar amount of the fixed-tilt O&M plan are worth the lowered overall system size using the tracker.
Disclaimer: This is the opinion of MaxGen in evaluating long term O&M plans and being able to advise on long-term solutions. MaxGen also works very closely with the ATI service team and is trained on working with ATI’s tracking system.

About MaxGen Energy Services
MaxGen Energy Services, LLC is an independent, third-party, power plant service provider for all operating life stages of power plants. MaxGen’s independence allows the company to work with a broad spectrum of technologies and across the solar value chain for companies such as banks, EPCs, owners, developers and utilities. With its main office located in Concord, CA, MaxGen has a nationwide presence of service technicians and partners. For more information visit maxgenservices.com.

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