瑞士穆捷(Moutie)清洁技术合作公司,总部设在瑞士洛桑方,联合PWRstation开创了创新的预装移动式太阳能解决方案。 穆捷公司的马克西姆朱伯和市长很高兴地宣布这座城市的第一…


mouier PWRstation

穆捷,Jura Bernois是瑞士伯尔尼的行政市,高度致力于环保清洁、可持续和可再生能源技术的利用。这是欧洲城市能源奖获得者和香格里拉法国兴业2000瓦成员,致力于节能减排和可持续发展领先的瑞士城市瑞士能源成员。
PWRstation创型号都配备3和5千瓦(kW)的额定功率,其特点是其专有的光伏(PV),货架系统,使它们能够收回运输,展开积极发电。 5千瓦的创能提供给电源的平均家庭在发达市场所需的电力。明年年初,该公司将引进PWRstation绿洲与50千瓦和100千瓦的额定功率。


PWRstation首席执行官罗伯特Albertella说,“我们很高兴能够激活PWRstation全市穆捷的。 “Albertella补充说,”虽然PWRstation是一家瑞士清洁技术公司有望为全球经济增长,我们特别荣幸能在这里为客户提供服务的瑞士。“
今年分布式光伏系统(DPV) – 即,那些尺寸100千瓦或更小,预计将占到49.5 GW,或全球安装的30%。新生的成长,但市场对太阳能在瑞士目前占每年约300兆瓦。 PWRstation解决方案非常适合满足对DPV日益增长的需求,在住宅,商业和离网部门在发达和发展中市场。
“事实上,PWRstations是运输使我们能够提供商业,住宅和市政客户的短期租赁计划的前所未有的灵活性,”詹弗兰科Albertella说。 “这是通过与银行赖夫艾森在瑞士的一个新的伙伴关系成为可能。”


Swiss cleantech city of Moutier partnered with PWRstation solar energy solutions based in Lausanne, Switzerland to put in place innovative preassembled and transportable solar energy solutions to power its electric grid.
Mayor of Moutier Maxime Zuber and his administration are pleased to announce the city’s first PWRstation solar generator (“genset”) activation located at a recreation center at the Chemin de la Piscine. The newly released roof top mounted 3 kW PWRstation Genesis is now effectively contributing electricity to the city’s municipal grid.
The city of Moutier, a municipality of the administrative district of the Jura Bernois in Switzerland’s Canton of Bern, is highly committed to the utilization of environmentally clean, sustainable and renewable energy technologies. It is both a European City of Energy Award-recipient and member of La Société à 2000 Watts, a Swiss energy membership of leading Swiss municipalities dedicated to energy conservation and sustainability.
PWRstations are preassembled, transportable and activation-ready solar gensets for residential, commercial and off-grid use uniquely engineered to remove the complexities, time and costs associated with fixed solar installations, making solar immediately accessible, affordable and hassle free.
PWRstation Genesis models come with 3 and 5 kilowatt (kW) power ratings and are characterized by their proprietary photovoltaic (PV) racking systems which allow them to retract for transport and unfold for active power generation. A 5 kW Genesis can provide the electricity required to power an average household in developed markets. Early next year the company will introduce the PWRstation Oasis with power ratings of 50 kW and100 kW.
“On behalf of the city of Moutier, I am pleased to welcome solar innovations of this kind to our community,” says Mayor Zuber. He adds, “we are proud to showcase PWRstation as an example of Swiss engineering excellence…as well as a solution that offers new ways for delivering clean, renewable power to Moutier’s municipal, residential and commercial energy consumers.”
Headquartered in Lausanne, the central city of the Canton of Vaud since 2014, PWRstation is supported by the Développement Économique Vaudois (DEV) et by the Service de la Promotion Économique et du Commerce (SPECo), two related cantonal governmental entities designed to promote local enterprises.
Francois Cornu, the Director of the Développement Économique Vaudois who has been closely collaborating with PWRstation management says, “It is important for us to promote innovative Swiss companies. We are particularly excited to see the rapid emergence of PWRstation, as it clearly responds to our objectives.”

PWRstation CEO Robert Albertella says, “We are delighted to activate a PWRstation for the city of Moutier. “ Albertella adds, “While PWRstation is a Swiss cleantech company poised for global growth, we are especially proud to serve customers here in Switzerland.”
This year distributed photovoltaic systems (DPV) —i.e., those sized 100 kW or smaller—are expected to account for 49.5 GW, or 30 percent of global installations. The nascent but growing market for solar in Switzerland currently accounts for about 300 MW per year. PWRstation solutions are ideally suited to address growing demand for DPV in the residential, commercial and off-grid sectors in developed and developing markets.
“Our solutions respond very effectively to the energy needs of urban environments, especially regarding flat roof tops,” says Gianfranco Albertella, PWRstation’s Chief Commercial Officer. Today’s typical fixed rooftop solar installations are slated to last 20 to 25 years, whereas flat roof tops require maintenance every 15 to 20 years on average (or sooner in case of leaks). The idea of having to dismantle and re-install a fixed solar installation is discouraging to many property owners, who ultimately choose to forego the benefits of solar because of it.
Moutier’s 3 kW PWRstation rooftop activation took less than 30 minutes. When the city structure where it is currently positioned is knocked down for renovation later this year, the PWRstation will simply be relocated and reactivated at another location, demonstrating the remarkable versatility of these innovative devices.
“The fact that PWRstations are transportable enables us to offer commercial, residential and municipal customers the unprecedented flexibility of short term leasing programs,” says Gianfranco Albertella. “This is made possible through a new partnership with the Raiffeisen Bank in Switzerland.”
PWRstation is an early-stage solar product solutions development company. In addition to its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, the company has offices in Bienne, Switzerland and Miami, Florida.


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