NEXTracker:任命太阳能行业资深人士Bruce Ledesma为总裁

为了支持全球太阳能增长,新产品和服务,NEXTracker扩展了执行领导团队 加利福尼亚州弗里蒙特,2019年6月12日 – NEXTracker 今天宣布任命前董事会…

NEXTracker:任命太阳能行业资深人士Bruce Ledesma为总裁


加利福尼亚州弗里蒙特,2019年6月12日 – NEXTracker 今天宣布任命前董事会成员和太阳能行业资深人士Bruce Ledesma为公司总裁。凭借这一新角色,NEXTracker正在为进一步发展奠定基础,并巩固其作为太阳能跟踪系统全球第一的市场份额领导者的地位,这是该项目连续四年的头衔。随着公司扩展其软件和存储产品线,开发新的业务模式并迁移到新的地理区域,Ledesma补充了NEXTracker的世界级执行团队。

Ledesma通过快速发展的市场条件在太阳能业务发展方面取得了长期而成功的记录。他在数十亿美元,上市和私营企业的执行级太阳能和软件经验包括Mosaic,SunPower Corp.,PowerLight Corp.和Barra,Inc。。

自2003年我将他招募到PowerLight和2013年招聘到NEXTracker董事会以来,Bruce就是我一直与之合作过的高级管理人员之一。现在是欢迎Bruce加入我们管理团队的最佳时机,因为我们加强了我们的软件和数字服务能力,包括TrueCapture和数字运维,“NEXTracker首席执行官Dan Shugar说。 “布鲁斯将在帮助我们继续扩大规模并为全球客户提供服务方面发挥关键作用。”

“NEXTracker的未来从未如此光明,”Ledesma说。 “我很高兴加入团队,帮助所有参与我们向清洁能源未来过渡的NEXTracker利益相关者的增长。随着我们将产品扩展到包括基于软件的服务,以补充我们世界一流的跟踪系统,我们的客户将获得最高效和技术最先进的太阳能发电厂的经济和环境回报。“


NEXTracker:任命太阳能行业资深人士Bruce Ledesma为总裁

To support global solar growth, new products and services, NEXTracker expands executive leadership team

FREMONT, Calif., June 12, 2019 – NEXTracker, a Flex Company, today announced the appointment of former board member and solar industry veteran Bruce Ledesma as company President. With this new role, NEXTracker is laying the foundation for further growth and building on its position as the No.1 global market share leader of solar tracker systems, a title it has held for four consecutive years. Ledesma complements NEXTracker’s world-class executive team as the company expands its software and storage product lines, develops new business models and moves into new geographies.

Ledesma has a long and successful record of growing solar businesses through rapidly evolving market conditions. His executive-level solar and software experience with multi-billion dollar, publicly traded and private businesses includes Mosaic, SunPower Corp., PowerLight Corp. and Barra, Inc.

“Bruce is one of the top executives I have worked with since I recruited him to PowerLight in 2003 and to NEXTracker’s Board in 2013. Now is the perfect time to welcome Bruce to our executive team as we strengthen our software and digital service capabilities including TrueCapture and Digital O&M,” said Dan Shugar, CEO at NEXTracker. “Bruce will play a critical role in helping us continue to scale and serve global customers.”

“NEXTracker’s future has never been brighter,” Ledesma said. “I am excited to join the team and help drive growth for all NEXTracker stakeholders participating in our transition to a clean energy future. As we expand our offerings to include software-based services that complement our world-class tracking systems, our customers will reap economic and environmental rewards of the most efficient and technologically-advanced solar plants.”


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