Leading Dutch construction company opts for InterSole Cologne (Germany), Utrecht (Netherla…

Leading Dutch construction company opts for InterSole

Cologne (Germany), Utrecht (Netherlands), 19 February 2014 -In a new pilot project, one of the leading Dutch housebuilders, BAM Woningbouw, has produced a solar roof featuring a roof-integrated mounting solution from Cologne-based manufacturer Renusol. After comparing several mounting systems available on the market, the general contractor opted to use Renusol’s InterSole system, which ranks among the most reliable roof-integrated mounting systems for photovoltaic installations. The prefabricated solar roof incorporating the InterSole system was installed on a house in Heerhugowaard, in the province of North Holland, in December.

“We were impressed with the Renusol mounting system as it is extremely easy to install and has proven its worth for over ten years on the market. We manufactured the roof with its integrated solar installation in our factory and then delivered the fully prefabricated solar roof to the site where it was installed in one piece,” explains Linda van Leeuwen, production manager at BAM Woningbouw, a subsidiary of the Royal BAM Group, which operates throughout Europe. In addition to planning and constructing new homes, the multi-award winning, innovative company specialises in renovating old buildings. “Roof-integrated solar installations particularly lend themselves to renovation projects. Instead of cloaking the roof in tiles, a solar array is built into the roof. It is visually appealing, saves the homeowner money on roofing materials and generates clean power,” adds van Leeuwen.

“We are currently seeing unprecedented demand for our in-roof mounting solutions, particularly from the Netherlands and Great Britain. The InterSole system allows a diverse variety of modules to be quickly and securely built into the roof,” states Stefan Liedtke, Managing Director of mounting systems manufacturer Renusol , which is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and has agents in Europe and the USA.

The InterSole system is mounted directly onto the roof’s thermal insulation layer, and consists of durable HDPE sheets that are secured to the roof battens like roofing tiles. These plastic sheets overlap like tiles, thus ensuring no water ingress. The solar modules are then mounted onto the sheets. Thanks to adjustable module clamps, almost all commercially available framed and frameless photovoltaic modules can be integrated into the roof. The InterSole system is suitable for roofs with a pitch of 15° to 60°. The ability to adjust the height of the mounting brackets allows the solar installation to be inserted harmoniously into the roof.

Renusol will showcase the InterSole system at the Ecobuild trade fair being held in the British capital London from 4th-6th March 2014.

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科隆(德国) ,乌得勒支(荷兰) , 2014年,在新的试点项目,其中一个领先的荷兰住房建筑的, BAM Woningbouw 2月19日,已经产生了太阳能屋顶为特色从科隆的制造商Renusol屋顶集成安装解决方案。比较市场上提供了一些安装系统后,总承包商选择使用Renusol的InterSole系统,从而跻身最可靠的屋顶集成安装系统的光伏装置中。预制太阳能屋顶结合的InterSole系统安装在一个房子在Heerhugowaard ,在北荷兰省,在12月。

“我们留下了深刻印象的Renusol安装系统,因为它是非常容易安装,并证明了它的价值超过十年的市场上。我们制造及其集成的太阳能装置在我厂的屋顶,然后交付全预制太阳能屋顶到它被安装在一块地盘,解释说:“琳达货车Leeuwen ,生产经理BAM Woningbouw ,皇家BAM集团之附属公司,这在整个欧洲业务。除了规划建设新家园,屡获殊荣,创新公司专业从事翻新旧楼。 “屋顶一体化太阳能装置尤其是借给自己改造项目。而不是伪装的屋顶瓦片,一个太阳能电池组内置于屋顶。这是视觉上的吸引力,节省了房主的钱屋面材料,并产生清洁电力,范•鲁凡补充说。

“目前,我们正在看到我们在屋顶安装的解决方案,特别是来自荷兰和英国的需求空前高涨。该InterSole系统允许模块的品种多样,以快速,安全地内置到了屋顶,“国家斯特凡·利特克,安装系统制造商Renusol ,这是总部设在德国科隆,董事总经理,并在欧洲和美国的代理商。


Renusol将展示InterSole系统在生态建筑展的展会在英国首都伦敦从 2014年3月4日-6日举行。

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