Unirac,Inc.,一家喜利得集团公司和北美高品质,具有竞争力的光伏安装解决方案的领先供应商已被Sunora Energy Solutions和NRG Energy选中,以提供…

Unirac,Inc.,一家喜利得集团公司和北美高品质,具有竞争力的光伏安装解决方案的领先供应商已被Sunora Energy Solutions和NRG Energy选中,以提供37.2 MW的地面安装钢(GMS)安装系统在关岛的Inarajan岛上。太阳能电池阵列将抵消化石燃料发电产生的15,000吨二氧化碳排放,并为每年12,000户家庭提供清洁能源。

Sunora首席执行官John Plumlee表示,“Unirac是Sunora的重要合​​作伙伴,帮助我们实现业务战略,为大型商业,工业和公用事业级客户提供独特的解决方案。我们相信Unirac的工程能力; GMS具有经过验证的安装基础,非常灵活。该系统能够满足我们严格的设计要求,同时产生具有成本竞争力的解决方案,这是我们选择Unirac时该项目的关键要素。“

GROUND MOUNT STEEL从固定地面安装市场10多年的经验发展而来,以满足各种项目要求。强大的轻型结构钢部件产生低材料成本。通过Unirac创新的项目构建方法和预装配组件,可以实现极低的总安装成本。 GMS在北美安装了400多兆瓦,是固定倾斜商用和公用事业地面安装项目的首选系统。

“我们有幸与Sunora和NRG一起在全国和国外的社区推进太阳能,”Unirac首席执行官Peter Lorenz说。 “我们的共同使命是以最低的总成本提供高质量的太阳能解决方案。”


Unirac, Inc., a Hilti Group Company and the leading provider of high quality, competitive PV mounting solutions in North America has been selected by Sunora Energy Solutions and NRG Energy to provide a 37.2 MW Ground Mount Steel (GMS) mounting system to be installed on the island of Inarajan, Guam. The solar array will offset 15,000 tons of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel generation and provide clean energy to power the equivalent of 12,000 homes annually.

John Plumlee, CEO of Sunora cited “Unirac is an important partner for Sunora in helping us achieve our business strategy to bring unique solutions to large commercial, industrial and utility-grade customers. We trust Unirac’s engineering capabilities; GMS is flexible with a proven installation base. The system is capable of meeting our rigorous design requirements while yielding a cost competitive solution, a critical element for this project when we selected Unirac.”

GROUND MOUNT STEEL evolved from more than 10 years of experience in the fixed ground mount market to meet a variety of project requirements. Powerful light gauge structural steel components yield low material costs. Extremely low total installed costs are achieved through Unirac’s innovative project construction methods with pre-assembled components. With more than 400 MW installed in North America, GMS is the system of choice for fixed-tilt commercial and utility ground mount projects.

“We are privileged to join with Sunora and NRG in advancing solar energy in communities across the country and abroad,” said Peter Lorenz, Unirac CEO. “Our shared mission is to deliver high-quality solar solutions at the lowest total cost.”



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